Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mother of Ink

Here's my piece for the Ltd Gallery 'Game of Thrones' show. It's still up and for sale if you'd like to see it in person! Who doesn't want a badass Dany on their wall, ammiright?

Don't forget to vote for me today at the Ladykiller website!
We can do this people! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Heart Comic Art

Hey guys! As you can see, I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in the first annual I Heart Comic Art contest for aspiring cartoonists. It would be a huge deal for me if I won this competition, and you can help. I have the chance to win a grant that would essentially help me continue to write and publish the book I've been working on. 
As a student who is already in the hole with student loans, a grant is an answer to many prayers. 
Okay, okay sob story, you're saying. How can I help?
WELL! I'm glad you asked.
You can:

2) buy a ticket to this amazing event. There will be free booze, burlesque and a live band! Every body I get in the door is ANOTHER vote for me.

3) While you're at the event, donate money for a drink! Another vote!

4) Bid on an auction item! You could win something cool and... more votes!
5) Tell your friends. A huge part of this is networking, and if you feel I deserve a chance to win, please send your friends a link to my profile, share it on facebook, on tumblr, email it to your mom, whatever!

This is my dream guys. I want you to go to my archive and visit one of my 
first entries from a couple years ago. And maybe laugh a little. 
I have come so far and it's thanks to the love and support I receive from friends and family.
Thank you so much. 

Links for more information:

VOTE FOR ME: Katie Wheeler!

Buy tickets:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cross Stitch That Love

More manga studio painting practice.
Um, I love it. 

Are You Happy Now?

You said you wanted to get to know me better. Sorry, not sorry.

So I can color on Manga Studio now!