Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hiya! Watha.

Oh hi. Welcome. Welcome to my new drawing blog. I'm pretty excited about it. A little bit about myself and this blog: I've been feeling really stagnant with my art and drawing in general, mostly because I can never think of what I want to draw. I'm usually exhausted by work and life in general, so by the time I sit down to draw: I end up drawing myself. Or little doodly hearts. Which is not very stimulating.
So now there's this! This kid who is so imaginative and free and loopy with her markers. That was me at one point; drawing myself riding a giraffe while people threw flowers at me. 
I am using my old self as inspiration for something new. I also hope that people will begin to throw flowers at me, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 

                                Sep. 1993

As you can see, my spelling was absolutely ace, 
as well as my depiction of the Native American language.

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