Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Hammock Time

It's one of those days, man. I did not get out of my bed until noon. I just sat under the covers thinking about hibernation and why I can't fall asleep for the cold months like those little lizards in Siberia.
I did some things today, but not a whole lot. I'm about to go off to work. It's a good thing I have a job, because I'm not sure I would do anything today except watch Downtown Abbey.
Sometimes when I'm stressed out, or tired but can't sleep, I imagine myself in a hammock and that it's rocking back and forth. The hammock I imagine is the one from Rescuer's Down Under, in Cody''s room. Does anyone else remember that kid's room? It was pretty boss. I couldn't find a picture of the hammock, specifically, but I found this:
Australian kids, with their hammocks and shit. psh. 

And then I did my own hammock drawing:

I think mine is probably more nautical, which I think is appropriate. Seein' as how I'm a pirate. 
Happy Thursday and stuff. I hope you have a comfy hammock. 

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