Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day of the Dead Process Pictures

Oh hi everyone! It's a lot of pictures today! I thought you may be interested (I'm very interested) in my painting/drawing process. So here 'tis. I like this painting a lot. Still looks unfinished to me, but sometimes when I like a painting I get a crippling fear that as soon as I try to improve upon it, I will ruin it forever. So... Maybe I'll get over it and the background will be something other then cream. Doubtful. Enjoy!

To see the pictures larger (MOM) click on them. With your mouse. 

Base colors

Sugar Skull time!

i had to restrain myself from using too much yellow. It was painful. 

HEART! Just like in Captain Planet. 

Aw, some flowers on her head! Aw!

Those latin babes man.  
In yo face! What is spanish for face? 

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  1. "cara" means face in spanish. If you want to be more poetic, you can use "rostro".