Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Much New-Ness!

Hey Guys! I went to a fun little shindig last night for the launch of a new art blog/community in Seattle! It's called The Seattle Vine Project, and they're been kind enough to feature me as a contributing artist. This is a big deal to me, seeing as how I have never considered myself any kind of artist that would be featured on an art site!
My niece said to me the other day, "Aunt Katie, are you an artist?"
And I had to pause for a second, because what exactly IS an artist? You create art? You sell art? You have a little business card that looks official?
Well, I'm behind the idea of calling yourself what you want to be. And I said, "Yup. I'm an artist. Impress your tiny friends at school."
There's a new banner up, and some changes have been made to the site, if you hadn't noticed. I am really pleased with it, because anyone that has known me since childhood through college may clearly recognize the many faces of Katie. Tiny pigtails with big front teeth, sullen Hot Topic teenager, college student that perpetually wears jazz pants and graduate that loves her some pens and preppy outfits. It's all me baby.
Thank you Seattle Vine Project, for helping me get out there!

And to those of you that are here via their website, thanks for checking me out! Comment, add me to your blogroll, hate mail me, send me love letters, or a combination of the above.

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