Thursday, March 22, 2012

So Stylish

I did a fun project for a friend at work! He is a suave kinda guy, with some pretty sweet tunes, so I did him up an album cover that I feel encapsulates his personality and his music. Here is a link to HIS blog:   Eventually this will have some writing on it, obviously. Right now, this is just the base.
He also wears a fez. 
Today I went and spent un ungodly amount of money at Blick Art Supply up on Capital Hill. I needed everything though, so I don't regret it. Having a dirty dirty love affair with new brush pens. Love. Them. I also got an 'oil starter set' that was on sale for seven bucks! So I'll start experimenting with that once I have watercolor under my belt. I just want to experiment and at least try all medias once before going off to school. I would love to play with wax and encaustic painting too.
I hope you all have a lovely Thursday; I'm off to work now and it's still sunny outside...

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