Thursday, April 12, 2012

You Have Not Been Missing A Lot


So that's what's been up with me! Happy Easter indeed.
2012 has not been hitting it out of the park with me. Nope, not so much. I hope to improve upon it by making a potential move to Portland in the Fall, but who knows where the winding-construction-ridden-20-mph-school-zone-road of life will take me. I am not bitter at all, thank you for asking.
On a lighter, brighter, more optimistic note:
I will be attending the StumpTown Comic fest the last weekend of April! In Portland! Yeah!
I will be there handing out draw-rings (As my niece would say) and some "business cards" (For business.). I don't mean to put "business cards" in quotes and make them seem insidious or a possibly a joke, but I find it funny I would have anything of merit to even put on a card after my name.

Katie Wheeler
She's a student mostly
Sometimes she has a job that has nothing to do with her interests
Please hire to drawr

It will probably look JUST LIKE THAT.

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