Monday, August 13, 2012

Painting Painting

I am moving to my new apartment over the next couple of weeks, and one of the neat little things about it is the bathroom door. Since it's so close to the front door, the bathroom has a sliding door instead of a regular one. So I've decided to paint a mural!
Or a poster ish thing.
Inspired by pinterest! Which has so many crafts that are so interesting, but are probably not as easy as they make it seem. whoever "they" are. Perhaps an elite squad of bored people that are exceptionally crafty.
So here is the "inspiration" which is obviously much prettier then mine, but we'll see.

Uh yeah I regret posting both of those now. We shall see when the door is painted and dry! I have red paint i want to use, so i was thinking I would paint a border, but now im not sure. Maybe I'll just leave it white... I'm sure I could copy the first color palate exactly, but I don't know if i want to... Decision decisions.
Are you having a wonderful month so far? Because I am. 

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