Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Like, Three Strangers Yelled At Me Today

So many people were mean today. So many people. Why do I continue to work in the retail industry for every major holiday? I spend every holiday trying to make it special for other, ruder, people. I just want to love the world and enjoy some turkey, but I will spend the day before Thanksgiving listening to people bitch.

So I guess I'm bitching right now? Sigh. It will be fine, and I will be happy to get off work. Last night Trent said, "If you could be anywhere, doing anything right now, where would you be?"
A bookstore of course, "buying five books".
So he drove me to Elliot Bay and I wandered around and didn't think about those people for an hour. And lo and behold, today I am okay and ready to go to work. 
Love that man. 

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