Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Class! And Schooling! And Learning!

School Is:

A little overwhelming

I am loving my drawing class. Was a little freaked out they placed me in a higher class, but I feel like I'm not only keeping up, I might be in the top of the class. I hesitate to say this of course, cause it sounds braggy as HELL. Bear with me though okay? I'm sure I will have a crisis of self confidence by the time we're through.
We did an exercise where we drew a
and a shoe box
from memory. Then afterword, the teacher brought out the actual, physical items, and we had to draw those. Drawing from my memory was a lot easier, lemme tell you.

For today's assignment, we were to bring in a
and a fruit

I brought a muffin from work, pellegrino and a super old nasty lime.
So we made a little composition on the stool (shown above) and drew that. THEN in a surprise assignment (which seems pretty obvious to me now) the teacher had us take away the items and REDO the composition from memory.
Making me regret that I paid such attention to detail on the stool's paint marks.
It was hard man! But I did it. And I loved it.

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