Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hump in The Night

Realized I never posted this! Our assignment was to create a comic called "Strange Sound." 

We had to include a
  •  text heavy panel
  • a montage panel (the first panel, which is a word made out of her hair. It's very annoying and complicated.)
  • A panel that was just a picture
  • And a non sequitor panel, which is a picture that doesn't necessarily match the text
It was a pretty challenging assignment, because I got this idea of a domanatrix with a guy in her closet pretty immediately. I was super stuck on it, and Ellen kept asking me these annoying questions like
"Why is it a strange noise if she knows the guy is in the closet?"
"Try and make charactors that aren't so stock. ie: The hot femme fatale and angry guy in closet."
"Why does she put guys in her closet?"

Ugh, I wanted to cry. She seemed like she was being really unhelpful and just hating on my comic. I was really frustrated and being bratty because I was comparing myself to other people in the class, who had created pretty simple comics that I was sure made just as little sense as mine. If not less.
So I sucked it up, and went back to Ellen and said "I don't understand what you're wanting me to do. How can I change this so it's better and more understandable?"
And I went home and I thought about it and I drew some cats. 
And then this happened.

People in class must think I'm crazzzy. I guess drawing a comic of a vigilante who fights for the rights of animals and kidnaps men who abuse them is not a normal thing...

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