Friday, May 24, 2013

Apartment Hunting AGAIN

Trent tells me this comic is pretty depressing at the end, and I guess it IS misleading. We are not fighting, or breaking up. Today is our anniversary and we are super happy. But also a little scared. I love being an artist because he walked in the door last night and I handed him this and said 
"THIS is how I'm feeling!"
Also I apologized for drawing him as a robot. He is not a robot, and he also insists he does not live in the place under the wire with the alligators, he lives in the middle where he sees everything. 
True enough.

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  1. As an artistic naive overly optimistic girl married to an over-analyzing frequently pessimistic sounding man (he claims to just be a realist), I can relate. And it does work. Also I think you're a bit wrong in this comic. You both may triumph, and that's the very best ending.