Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm trying, I'm trying!

Sorry guys,
I didn't meant to fall off the blog wagon, but I got super busy.
Now it's summer, schools over and i'm back to be a fully time bakery person.
That doesn't mean I'm going to stop drawing! No, this is my new goal:
Draw Something Every DAY. 
This sounds super easy, but last week I experienced this crazy anxiety when I thought about my goals for the summer.
"I need to create something amazing! I need to create a webcomic! With interesting characters! That'll be my masterpiece!"
Oh my god i was killing myself with pressure. So much so that i didn't want to draw anything! 
So yesterday I sat down and drew some super cute animals, and I felt better.
Super cute animals are great for writers block.

One of the few negative things about being on tumblr and being connected to so many great artists,
is that I become very negative when I see so much great art.
I'm jealous and overwrought with beginners anxiety.
Why even start when you're not going to be as good?
Which is silly. Because someday, I hope to be very good.
Even right now, I'm not so bad. 
It's hard to not compare yourself to others when drawing is such a visual and very personal thing. 

In any case!
Another thing I am doing is taking commissions. 
i'm excited about it, because I know with this first round of commissions I'm going to be so EXCITED to be doing art for someone else, they're going to be amazing. 
So! I am available for hire for very very cheap.
I can do posters, mini comics, invites, illustrations etc.
Let's talk! 

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