Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Heart Comic Art

Hey guys! As you can see, I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in the first annual I Heart Comic Art contest for aspiring cartoonists. It would be a huge deal for me if I won this competition, and you can help. I have the chance to win a grant that would essentially help me continue to write and publish the book I've been working on. 
As a student who is already in the hole with student loans, a grant is an answer to many prayers. 
Okay, okay sob story, you're saying. How can I help?
WELL! I'm glad you asked.
You can:

2) buy a ticket to this amazing event. There will be free booze, burlesque and a live band! Every body I get in the door is ANOTHER vote for me.

3) While you're at the event, donate money for a drink! Another vote!

4) Bid on an auction item! You could win something cool and... more votes!
5) Tell your friends. A huge part of this is networking, and if you feel I deserve a chance to win, please send your friends a link to my profile, share it on facebook, on tumblr, email it to your mom, whatever!

This is my dream guys. I want you to go to my archive and visit one of my 
first entries from a couple years ago. And maybe laugh a little. 
I have come so far and it's thanks to the love and support I receive from friends and family.
Thank you so much. 

Links for more information:

VOTE FOR ME: Katie Wheeler!

Buy tickets:

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