Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey buddies! I am excited to announce I will be teaching a comic/zine class this summer at The Seattle Aquarium (A childhood dream of mine! To work at the aquarium not necessarily to teach a comic class... but I digress) to local teenagers! If you know a young person that's interested in the subject and wants to hang out and talk nerdy with me, follow the link!
ALSO! Capitol Hill Art Walk tonight. I will be volunteering AND my comics are hanging in Cafe Vita. Check 'em out! I am a busy bee this summer!

Defenders of Marine Life
Comics and ‘Zines: Activism and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
Superman and Ironman are traditional superheroes of comics, but do superheroes exist in today’s society? The student as artist and activist will be encouraged to learn about reducing our carbon footprint and mixing image with words. Students will share their ecological passions and creative knowledge with the community at large through comics, graphic novels and ‘zines.
Class dates: July 14, July 17, July 21, July 24, July 28, July 31, August 4, August 7: 11:30am–3pm.

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