Monday, April 16, 2012

Draw Something Better

I feel that Draw Something is to me as it is to Guitar Hero for seasoned guitar players. You think considering the content of the game, it might be something you excel at, but instead it becomes one of the most frustrating things you've ever experienced.
You start to cringe at the choices the game gives you, knowing full well the drawing will never look as good as it does in your head. Not as good, and perhaps unrecognizable to anyone you know. Is it a cat? Is it a bird? You resort to drawing arrows along with your pictures to try to give helpful hints. No no, it's not hair, those are noodles. Black noodles, because the game has given you a very limited color palate.

I have a big project going on that I'm excited about! It has nothing to do with Draw Something, but I will be drawing something.

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