Monday, April 16, 2012

Whadda Monday!

I bought a desk at a flea market in Fremont on Sunday! Best purchase ever. We're best friends now! 
From the 19-somethings apparently! This desk is older then me! I know, lots of things are older then me. Still. 

Some process photos!

And done! Man, it looks so nice and then I scan it, and my scanner ruins it. Hooray. 

In more awesome news: Today I started a comic that's been floating around in my brain for a little while. I want to finish it by the time I go to Stumptown so I can hand it out there. I think it's a good representation of my humor and storytelling skills. There are no words, but there are pirates and a good dose of violence and romance. So the usual. 
I am spending some REAL TIME on this, so I'm pretty proud of it. Today I did a first draft and finished about 4 pages. Usually I just draw it, ink it, bam. Not with this story! There are DRAFTS! I spent about three hours working today and I'm just pleased as punch. Now I'm ordering chinese. IM LIKE A REAL ARTIST. 
I will post it when I am finished! 
And thanks for reading guys; it's so nice to have support when I'm like a little baby horse on shaky legs with my drawing.
I'll def. draw a picture of that later. 

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