Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Good" Old Days

True story. It's a funny thing, remembering these relationships from high school. They were so, so very important to me, and now? Well, I certainly don't remember why we don't talk anymore, or why we stopped in the first place.
I guess I am just trying to say: Congratulations Mrs. Morey, I am so very happy you are happy. And also congratulations to Ms. Rosenthal, who was always going to do amazing things as enthusiastically as possible. 


  1. Woah. I added your blog to my google reader and saw this and teared up! Let's get together, I don't want to post my number on here (creepers everywhere). I live in Greenlake and work in Queen Anne, my week is insane but next week would you like to get a drink or lunch or something?

    1. oh absolutely. I live in Queen Anne! Where do you work? What do you do? How is your life? lol. email me and we'll trade numbers: kagwheeler@gmail.com