Monday, July 2, 2012

Love Letters

I think this is an excellent exercise for anyone; even if you don't draw, just to write down. I love so many things! It was difficult to think of the things I really loved on a day to day basis (And the things I wanted to draw). If my day had all of these things in it... Man! That would be the best day ever. Maybe I need to plan my next birthday around these things.
I also sound like an old lady: tea, scarves, old books, letters, cats! I actually don't particularly like cats, but bookstores with cats are always better. I guess I am an old soul as far as the rest of the things go. Or a teenaged girl as far as the chest hair thing. I think I watched too many Sean Connery movies as a child! (Too many Sean Connery movies. psh. That is not even a thing.)
What do YOU love?

When choosing music to put on this blog, I usually try to use whichever songs I was listening to while working. Today cracks me up, because I love the weirdest songs. I guess a wide range of genres. You tell me. Two very different songs, both very near and dear to my heart:
Guster: Always a favorite.

What can I say; I like my coffee black, just like my metal.
Mindless Self Indulgence! It's for dancing!
Add to my love list: Any songs that include the "whip crack" sound. Classic.

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