Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm the only model I have okay? The mirror is much more convenient then soliciting my friends for modeling.
Mostly this is a practice for me in cross hatching and shading with pen. It's something I'd love to be better with, as well as architecture and buildings in pen. BECAUSE. Because you guys; I found the best books at the used book store. 
They are real neat. 
They are by Victor Stienbrueck, who was a Seattle architect who was instrumental in the design of the Space Needle, as well as the movement to keep our beautiful market and (not so beautiful) Pioneer Square intact! He published multiple books of ink drawings of Seattle architecture that are AMAZING.
Apparently the little park at the end of the market is named for him! I had no idea! Learning is great!
Very cool book with beautiful sketches of the Market, as it was in the 1950's.

Ugh, they are both so COOL! I love them. Best find ever. 
Don't be jelly, you can come look at them in my new apartment (Whenever I find it). 

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