Monday, July 23, 2012

That Is Today!

Sho' nuff! I am just as excited about Mondays as most normal people are about Fridays. Weekend jobs are vicious.
I need to post more things, more often, but hey! I am hella busy! Doin' stuff!
I'm actually working on props for a show right now, which is fun, albeit a little draining (monetarily and time wise). When I'm done this page will be flooded, FLOODED, with kooky little drawings I have been working on.
In the meantime, please appreciate my rendering of my mother's hand-me-down navajo top I am wearing today. It has all these little people and animals stitched in with embroidery thread! Looks like something that is 79.00 at Urban Outfitters. But no: hand-me-down from me mam.

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