Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Another still life in drawing II. We're using conte charcoal, which is a much less forgiving form of charcoal. No smudging or re-doing. You have to move the conte in tiny little circles to make marks and it's exhausting. 
 I had a moment yesterday in class where I thought: 
Shit. I just can't do this. I have a cold and I don't get this. 
I'll go home and come back to it on Wednesday.
But then something awesome happened, and a tiny little inch square of my paper turned out PERFECT. Just a little bitty part of a pear looked beautiful; the shading perfect, the conte totally working for me, instead of against me. 
The immense satisfaction of doing it right brought me back and I ended up staying late after class instead of leaving early. 
Art school, guys. 

Also this song is great:

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