Wednesday, February 13, 2013


New assignment in drawing: moving on from sad fruit, we have entered the world of sadistic fabric. Fabric don't give a shit. Fruits are like, aw man, I'm wilting! My shapes are forgiving and interpretive! Fabrics like: Oh IM SORRY if you feel seasick trying to grasp my shapes and curves.
 I just fell this way baby!
Annnnyways. Check out this process yo!

This monstrosity. Uf. 

Mhmm. Mhmm. Drawin' some pillows. I chose not to blend the charcoal.
Which I don't regret. I like the affect it has. Blending does give it a softer look, 
but I like the sharpness of mine. 

I tackle the fabric. I want to throw up or literally tackle the fabric. 

Heyyyyy, lookit that! 

There's a shadow! There's a buncha shadows! Snaps. 
Le End. 

And in case you missed it:
The Forgiving Fruit

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