Friday, February 8, 2013


My first fully inked (With brush and india ink) comic! It's history you guys! The assignment for my comic class (Called Comics: Essential Tools! very exciting.) was to create a comic without words, using icons (speech bubbles, exclamation points, sweat drops, etc.) and shaping our theme on the idea of "Big and Small".
So as you can see I have a big fish, and a little bitty fish! 
Man, inking with a brush is so scary and so freeing. 
I held my breath almost the whole time. There's nothing like imagining something in your head, and feeling that thought travel through your mind, into your arm, through your hand and fingers and onto paper. 
Sorry, does that sound super... New agey? I've never felt that before now. To this extent at least. I hold my breath and grin like an idiot when I finish a line. 
I like it. I hope you do too. 

Also: I have a tumblr! Which you can follow! It's my new favorite thing because I am finding SO MANY artists I love!

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